Digital Humanities

One of the most significant outcomes of Humanities Writ Large is an impressive array of Digital Humanities projects. Some were integral to the work of Emerging Networks. Others were created by Visiting Faculty Fellows, either during their residency at Duke or after returning to their home institution armed with fresh knowledge and inspiration. In some cases, fellows with no plans to engage in a Digital Humanities project were inspired to do so by their HWL experience. The Digital Humanities projects listed below are a powerful reflection of the cross-fertilization of ideas that emerges when scholars from diverse disciplines gather together.


During her time as Visiting Faculty Fellow, Meredith Goldsmith created a map of locations referenced in Edith Wharton's novel The Age of Innocence. In order to do this she had a great deal to learn about the tools and...Read More about Mapping Literary Visions

Charles Edward McGuire's main project as a Visiting Faculty Fellow a book, The British Musical Festival, 1695-1940: A Social History of Taste, that investigates the musical festival in Great Britain. In the course of that...Read More about Musical Festivals Database

This ongoing collaboration between Duke's Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University Libraries, and the SNCC Legacy Project is an outgrowth of the HWL Emerging Network One Person, One Voice. It centers on the living...Read More about One Person, One Vote

The Sonic Dictionary is a multi-course, multi-institution collaborative experiment initially hosted by the Audiovisualities Lab and then migrated into Story Lab. Its product is a digital database of sounds that can be...Read More about Sonic Dictionary