Our Goal:

Emerging Networks are a culture change mechanism intended to shift humanities research towards broadly collaborative, interdisciplinary engagements in contrast to the largely solitary efforts that tend to characterize traditional humanities research. Our goal is for nimble and opportunistic cross-disciplinary collaboration to become part of our ethos in realizing humanistic scholarly curiosity. Emerging Networks funding supports short term collaborative projects that must involve faculty, graduate students and undergraduates from multiple disciplines—across humanities departments and/or the social and natural sciences at Duke.

The Emerging Networks are meant to broaden the footprint of our traditional humanities departments, which abound in excellence in faculty research and doctoral studies. By providing small faculty/student groups access to modest funding, emerging ideas, projects, and networks may be launched, increasing the visibility of humanities efforts, giving faculty the incentives to be engaged in the creative and the experimental edges of their research, and generally fomenting humanities synergy across campus. These efforts will encourage innovative approaches to teaching and experimental collaborations organically arising within our humanities departments.

Finding Philosophy’s Female Voices

    • Philosophy's Gender website
The discipline of philosophy has a notoriously low rate of participation by women. The Emerging Network Philosophy’s Gender in Historical Perspective has just produced a website to help rectify the discipline's unfortunate distinction. The project, directed by philosophy professor Andrew Janiak, was recently the subject of a profile in…

The Housecleaner Project on The State of Things

    • The Housecleaning Project (clip from exhibit)
On WUNC's The State of Things, Frank Stasio interviewed three Latina women involved in The Housecleaner Project, an HWL Emerging Network. He also spoke with Liliana Paredes, linguist and director of Duke's Spanish Language Program; Yuri Ramirez, a doctoral candidate in history at Duke. They were joined by Luke…

Subnature and Culinary Culture Kickoff Event

    • dsc05431
The opening event for Subnature and Culinary Culture was on Wednesday, September 3 at the Franklin Center. It began with a lunch that featured seaweed salad and crunchy cricket salt and ended with rosemary meringues prepared and baked in the smokehouse behind the Allen Building. In between was a…

The Shifting Nature of Academic Work in the Digital Age

    • Writing in a Digital Age logo
On April 16-17, Writing in a Digital Age, a Humanities Writ Large Emerging Network, will present a series of conversations and workshops focused on Composing Knowledge in the Digital Age. At the first event, on Wednesday, April 16, two visiting scholars will speak to the changing nature of academic…

Pictures from the Subnature and Culinary Culture dining event, September 17, 2014.


    • Two-Way Bridges Mural
    • Dancing the African Diaspora
    • harlem to hamburg symposium
    • Writing in a Digital Age logo
    • two way bridges
    • Photo Credit: Cornelio Campos
    • singingharlemrenaissanceposter
    • Rapping The Revolution
    • Course Poster Rivalrous Masculinities
    • Azoria
    • Photo Credit: Donald Haggis
    • viral
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