Bridge Appointments for New Faculty

The Humanities Writ Large grant provides resources to jump-start new hiring of teacher-scholars who embrace and champion our undergraduate-focused approach to humanities education and research. Such hires enable departments and programs to shift towards a new vision by bringing in skill sets and perspectives that augment our core. This resource enables Duke to infuse new forms of interdisciplinarity into our faculty, and expand our breadth and depth for teaching digital tools and visual studies in the humanities.

    • Aidoo and Furtado

First New Faculty Member Hired Through HWL

The Department of Romance Studies had the opportunity to hire two Brazilianists at the same time -- Professors Gustavo Furtado and Lamonte Aidoo -- allowing a significant multiplier effect that would not have been available to Duke without the Mellon Foundation's support for Humanities Writ Large.  Brazilian Studies is a rich area within comparative area studies as Brazil is both quite similar to (for instance in areas of slavery and race relations) and rather dissimilar from (in terms of language and emerging perspectives on race and sexuality) the United States.

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