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Jul 1 2013
The Department of Cultural Anthropology was awarded funding for both summer mentoring and a year-long thesis writers workshop. Six students completed projects that resulted in Graduation with Distinction:...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Cultural Anthropology 2012/13
Jun 24 2013
DON TUCKER: Highest Distinction for his original toy theater performance WALTZ Don Tucker’s distinction project, Waltz, was a toy theater performance, created and directed by the student. By using Toy Theater (a form of puppetry that utilizes miniature scale, flat puppets) Tucker was able to execute the creation of a theatrical production using visuals as the primary means of storytelling. The story was told with no text but used actors, puppets and sound to communicate the narrative. This...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Theater Studies 2012/13
Jun 20 2013
The American Academy of Arts & Sciences Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, co-chaired by Duke President Richard Brodhead, has released its report calling the humanities and social sciences essential for American education, security and competitiveness. The report is meant to start a national conversation on the importance of the humanities and social sciences to America's future....Read More about The Heart of the Matter
Jun 14 2013
Duke Today recently ran a series of articles about the future of the humanities, looking at both the Humanities Writ Large initiative and Arts & Sciences more broadly. In one article, Srinivas Aravamudan, Dean of Humanities, Professor of English, Literature, and French Studies, and leader of Humanities Writ Large, spoke with Duke Today about the direction of the humanities at Duke. Dean Aravamudan is a strong proponent of experimentation in teaching and research. “Not everything new is...Read More about The Future of the Humanities
Jun 10 2013
This year's incoming first-year students at Duke will have a new pre-orientation option. Project Search—founded in 2009—is a two-week program designed to provide research opportunities to students who have not had substantial lab experiences prior to admission. This year for the first time pSearch will include an option for students who are interested in learning to do research in the...Read More about Project Search Expands to Include Humanities
Jun 10 2013
In the academic year 2011-12, Duke's History Department received Humanities Writ Large funding to support research leading to Graduation with Distinction. The following students received support from their distinction projects from this fund....Read More about Undergraduate Research: History 2011/12
May 21 2013
One of the early projects supported by Humanities Writ Large, Humanities on Demand, allowed ACLS Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor Michael P. Ryan the chance to experiment with students contributing content for a course on "viral" narratives. "Generally, humanities instructors unilaterally choose the content of their syllabuses -- and rightly so. After all, we are the experts," he explained. "But this solitary method of course construction does not reflect how humanists often actually...Read More about "Crowdsourcing" the Humanities
May 14 2013
In a column in The Chronicle of Higher Education William Pannapacker, Associate Professor of English at Hope College in Holland, MI, argues that teaching-focused institutions have much to gain from partnerships with research universities on the digital humanities, and vice versa....Read More about Collaborations to Support Digital Humanities
May 7 2013
"The library is one of the few academic organizations with a core mandate to embrace both past and future," said Joshua D. Sosin, associate professor of classical studies and history at Duke. "That's heaven for an ancient historian, whose focus is ancient documents and the modern technologies we bring to bear on them."...Read More about Embracing the Past and the Future
Apr 23 2013
Humanities Writ Large projects will be well represented at the CIT Showcase on Friday, April 26. If you want to learn more about Visiting Professor Adeline Koh's Trading Races game, the Fantasy Art Collecting game used in art history and economics classes, the Rivalrous Masculinities course and project, or the GreaterThanGames Lab's ARG ...Read More about CIT Showcase