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Nov 22 2013
Duke senior Nyuol Tong, a member of the Humanities Writ Large steering committee, has a passion for education that comes from never being able to take it for granted. Tong was born in a village in South Sudan, one of 35 children by the seven wives of a village chief. Civil war forced his family to flee when he was 5. He grew up in Khartoum and Cairo before landing a scholarship to a preparatory school in the U....Read More about The Precious Education of Nyuol Tong
Nov 22 2013
Two of Duke's intellectual leaders recently discussed the place of the humanities in a broad education. Their comments addressed a common theme in media coverage of humanities education — the value of the humanities in preparing for a career. President Richard Brodhead, in a discussion on San Francisco's KQED, noted that "since the recession there has been a world of anxiety about education and its value in this country." It's an...Read More about Humanities Education and Career Preparation
Nov 6 2013
Undergraduate students are encouraged to attend a seminar on "Envisioning Digital and Invisible Landscapes in Italy" at Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, Room A266 on Monday, November 18, 2013, from noon to 1:00 p.m. This seminar will be focused on the study, analysis, and interpretation of archaeological landscapes and their environments using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates environmental and spatial sciences, computing, history and archaeology....Read More about Duke in Tuscany Opportunity
Sep 27 2013
Following the TIME Summit on Higher Education, Jon Meacham, an executive editor at Random House, the author of the Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, and a visiting faculty member at Vanderbilt University, authored a column for Time Magazine where he explored the issue of what it means to be a truly educated college graduate. He writes:...Read More about What Colleges Will Teach in 2025
Aug 20 2013
Duke President Richard H. Brodhead was on The Colbert Report to discuss "The Heart of the Matter", the report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Commission on the Humanities & Social Sciences, which Brodhead co-chaired. He began by correcting Stephen Colbert, the host, for describing the report as a "lament" that "people aren't...Read More about President Brodhead on The Colbert Report
Jul 17 2013
Phil Stern's students in the Maps, Art, and Empire research cluster at the BorderWork(s) Lab conducted research on a series of historical maps that will be included in an exhibition at the Nasher Museum of Art called Defining Lines: Rethinking Images of Colonial Authority that will be opening at the Nasher Museum this September alongside Lines of Control: Partition as a Productive Space, a major...Read More about Defining Lines: Rethinking Images of Colonial Authority
Jul 8 2013
In the academic year 2012-13, Duke's History Department received funding to support research leading to Graduation with Distinction. The following students received support for their distinction projects....Read More about Undergraduate Research: History 2012/13
Jul 3 2013
An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education by Michael Bérubé, former president of the MLA, explains the complexity as well as the inaccuracy of recent articles claiming a decline in humanities majors over the last decade. As Bérubé suggests, it is not a decline of numbers that bedevils the humanities over the last fifty years, but a decline of public funding and social status, amidst self-interested diatribes by different personalities who have...Read More about The Humanities Not Declining
Jul 1 2013
The Department of Cultural Anthropology was awarded funding for both summer mentoring and a year-long thesis writers workshop. Six students completed projects that resulted in Graduation with Distinction:...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Cultural Anthropology 2012/13
Jul 1 2013
DON TUCKER: Highest Distinction for his original toy theater performance WALTZ Don Tucker’s distinction project, Waltz, was a toy theater performance, created and directed by the student. By using Toy Theater (a form of puppetry that utilizes miniature scale, flat puppets) Tucker was able to execute the creation of a theatrical production using visuals as the primary means of storytelling. The story was told with no text but used actors, puppets and sound to communicate the narrative. This...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Theater Studies 2012/13