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May 20 2015
Over the millennia, some 7,000 human languages evolved around the world, offering 7,000 vantage points on views of what it is to be a human living on planet Earth. Now that number is shrinking. About every two weeks, another language goes extinct, says linguist Julie Tetel Andresen...Read More about Vanishing Languages
May 6 2015
Jon Favreau, former chief speechwriter for President Obama, brought his incomparable experience to Duke on April 21. Favreau had his “stamp on all the great speeches from 2005 to early 2013,” according to former Obama chief advisor David Axelrod. Over the course of a full, productive day, he engaged with several groups of Duke undergraduates and delivered a public talk....Read More about Presidential Rhetoric Comes to Duke
Apr 23 2015
Project Vox, a website associated with the Humanities Writ Large Emerging Network Philosophy’s Gender in Historical Perspective, is attracting attention well beyond the confines of academic philosophy. Most recently, it was the subject of a Washington Post op-ed written by Andrew Janiak and Christia Mercer, philosophy professors based at Duke and Columbia, respectively (Janiak, departmental colleague Sara Bernstein, and PhD student Adela Deanova, all at Duke, are co-conveners of the Emerging...Read More about Project Vox Travels the Internet
Mar 23 2015
Nicole Barnes' freshman seminar, Chinese Medical Beliefs and Practices, recently made a trip to the National Library of Medicine in Washington, D.C. "The students consulted the library's collections of Chinese public health posters—one of the largest in the world—and will use these materials to write papers showing transitions in medical beliefs and practices in 20th-century China," according to an article in Duke Today....Read More about Chinese Medicine Class Research Trip to Washington, D.C.
Mar 18 2015
The editors of The Conversation asked four former university presidents – of Clemson University, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin and Virginia Tech – to give their perspectives on the ongoing "attack on the humanities." J. Bernard Machen, President Emeritus at the University of Florida cites three purposes of a university education: "helping one understand who they are and what excites and motivates them; helping understand one’s...Read More about Why Do We Need the Humanities?
Mar 15 2015
Social Stoplighting is a participatory planning method that combines community assessment workshops with digital geo-referenced maps. The goal is to create tools that facilitate participatory politics and community development, tools that can be scaled up for national or international policy making and scaled down for village level planning, monitoring and evaluation....Read More about Social Stoplighting: Participatory Methods for Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Mar 10 2015
The discipline of philosophy has a notoriously low rate of participation by women. The Emerging Network Philosophy’s Gender in Historical Perspective has just produced a website to help rectify the discipline's unfortunate distinction. The project, directed by philosophy professor Andrew Janiak, was recently the subject of a profile in Duke Today...Read More about Finding Philosophy's Female Voices
Mar 9 2015
Mary Ziemba is a Duke first-year student who writes for The Chronicle.  In her March 6, 2015 column she explains that "The value of a study of the humanities lies not only in the acquisition of knowledge but also in the critical thinking, ethical questioning, self-reflection and social analysis that comes during that acquisition." ...Read More about Engineering Student's "In Defense of the Humanities" Column
Mar 1 2015
One of the outcomes of this project is a pair of videos that Andrew Janiak has recorded and made available through the Youtube Channel "Wireless Philsosophy." Wi-Phi's mission is to introduce people to the practice of philosophy by making videos that are freely available in a form that is entertaining, interesting and accessible to people with no background in the subject. In the first two videos, Andrew Janiak introduces Émilie du Châtelet, a French philosopher, and her contribution to the...Read More about Project Vox Video Introductions
Feb 5 2015
On WUNC's The State of Things, Frank Stasio interviewed three Latina women involved in The Housecleaner Project, an HWL Emerging Network. He also spoke with Liliana Paredes, linguist and director of Duke's Spanish Language Program; Yuri Ramirez, a doctoral candidate in history at Duke. They were joined by Luke Smith, psychiatrist and executive director of...Read More about The Housecleaner Project on The State of Things