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May 18 2017
The Humanities Writ Large Steering Committee has selected two Visiting Faculty Fellows for the 2017-18 academic year. They are:...Read More about 2017-18 Visiting Faculty Fellows
Apr 21 2017
On April 27th, 2017, Story Lab will host a one-day workshop on storytelling. Bringing together educators, activists, journalists, scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, the inaugural Story Lab Certification Workshop will be an opportunity to convene practitioners from a wide array of professions, fields and disciplines to talk about, reflect upon, and critically engage with the phenomenon of storytelling....Read More about Story Lab Certification Workshop
Apr 20 2017
HWL Visiting Faculty Fellow Caroline Stark is a professor of classics at Howard University whose work focuses on ancient cosmology and the reception of classical antiquity in later periods and other cultures. As her year at Duke nears its end, she will present a talk on the narratives of virgin sacrifice that feature prominently in didactic hexameter poems about the nature of the universe, specifically Lucretious's De rerum natura, Manilius's Astronomica, and Lorenzo Bonincontri's De rebus...Read More about Narratives of Virgin Sacrifice in Ancient and Renaissance Poetry on the Nature of the Universe
Feb 28 2017
Hi-Phi Nation, the philosophical podcast developed and produced by HWL Visiting Faculty Fellow Barry Lam, is now six episodes into its first season, with several more in the works. Topics covered so far include the morality of war, parapsychology, pop music, and the burden imposed on the living by the wishes of the dead. An article posted by Vassar College, his home institution, neatly...Read More about A New Way of Doing Philosophy
Feb 10 2017
Reunion conference for six groups of scholars who have each had a year-long fellowship at Duke to focus on their research and writing....Read More about Humanities at Large: Visiting Faculty Fellows Conference
Jan 13 2017
Daily Nous, a website devoted to "news for and about the philosophy profession," is excited about Hi-Phi Nation, the podcast series Barry Lam is developing while he is a Visiting Faculty Fellow at Duke....Read More about Philosophers Looking Forward to Hi-Phi Nation
Jan 12 2017
An essay by Jennifer Jacqueline Stratton, a documentary artist and scholar and graduate of Duke’s MFAEDA program, and Ashley Rose Young, a doctoral student in Duke’s history department, was recently published in the edited volume Food and Museums. The piece, entitled “Terroir Tapestries: An Interactive Consumption Project,” describes a project...Read More about Terroir Tapestries: An Interactive Consumption Project
Jan 3 2017
Announcing the new documentary website SNCC Digital Gateway: Learn from the Past, Organize for the Future, Make Democracy Work. It is the product of collaboration between the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Legacy Project, Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies, and Duke Libraries. The site was unveiled on what would have been the 113th birthday of Ella Baker, the woman who brought SNCC into being and one of the 20th century’s most...Read More about The SNCC Digital Gateway is Online
Oct 13 2016
Story Lab offers a richly interwoven program of research, creative expression, course work, and civic engagement involving faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. This semester it's buzzing with activity, with regular workshops and lectures, including.... an open writing session every Friday afternoon from 1-4pm, a series of workshops, Scholars and Storytelling, exploring the relevance of stories in...Read More about The Latest at StoryLab
Oct 11 2016
Sonic Dictionary, the HWL project that has been building a searchable public database of sounds, was recently the focus of a workshop presented by the Publishing Makerspace working group of HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory)....Read More about Sonic Dictionary Workshop at HASTAC