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Digitally Engaging with the Historical Past

One of the projects underway in the Wired! Lab is the development of interactive projects for an exhibition to celebrate the first 10 years of the Nasher in 2015.  Caroline Bruzelius, A. M. Cogan Professor of Art and Art History, and Mark Olson, Assistant Professor of Visual and Media Studies, have produced this video to highlight what can come from the interaction between technology and displaced objects from the past, such as the sculpture in the Brummer Collection at Duke.  

"What we love about applying technology to historical materials is that it offers a unique capacity to engage with the 'lives of things,'" says Bruzelius.  "How can we imagine this sculpture with color?  How can we imagine it as part of something larger, such as a portal or facade, or in a chapel, or on an altar.  How can we help the public engage with the meaning, context, and function of these objects?" 

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